Bioeconomics is without a doubt the economic model of the future!

It brings together economic activities linked to innovation, production, development and the use of products with processes from the living and renewable world. It is tropical because it is based on environmentally friendly production and the use of all of the resources and richness which is teaming beneath our feet.

It focuses on markets in the areas of crop yields, industrial processes (food processing, environment, energy, etc.), and human and animal health.


  • Sugar cane
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Aromatic plants, for fragrancing or medicinal purposes
  • Horticulture and other crop production
  • Fishing and aquaculture
  • Animal rearing
  • Microalga
  • The food processing industry
  • Health and wellbeing
  • The environment


  • Foodstuffs and functional food
  • Bioenergy
  • Biofertilisers
  • Eco-products
  • E-health
  • Tropical natural extracts
  • Bio-sourced materials and products
  • Plants and seeds


10 reasons to join us

Some of our leading projects


    Segment : Food

    The creation of a new range of high quality, more natural, lower in sugar, lower in fat and less alcoholic products.

    Coordinator : Chatel
    Partners :

    Agrotech La Rochelle, CTCPA d'Auch

    Accredition date : 08/09/2010
    Calendar : 2010 - 2011
    Budget : € 1,020,507
    Funders : OSEO

    Economic feedback :

    The creation of 3 new innovative product ranges; consolidation of turnover

    Scientific feedback :

    Improvement of the preservation of products and tropical fruits; development of innovative natural aromas

    Other feedback :

    The establishment of a partnership with a specialised technical centre for the conservation of spirits; Development of a natural-freshness line


    Segment : E-Health

    An innovative treatment education kit for better handling of type II diabetes, based on self-assessment and patient support

    Coordinator : RUNWARE
    Partners :

    Reunion University Teaching Hospital

    Accredition date : 01/06/2011
    Calendar : 2012 - 2014
    Budget : € 2,083,624
    Funders : Programme Investissements d’Avenir

    Economic feedback :

    The development of a new product to be marketed in France and for export; creation of R&D jobs on Reunion; consolidation of the RUNWARE company activity

    Scientific feedback :

    The improvement of knowledge on diabetes and better patient handling of the illness

    Other feedback :

    Important impact on public health; improvement of handling of diabetes patients


    Segment : Biofertilisers

    Integrated management of organic residue through the Reunion agronomic development agronomic

    Coordinator : CIRAD
    Partners :

    Reunion Chamber of Agriculture, EPLEFPA St Paul, TCO, Régie La Créole, FRCA, SIER

    Accredition date : 12/10/2010
    Calendar : 2010 - 2013
    Budget : € 1,230,104
    Funders : CASDAR

    Economic feedback :

    The creation of two positions, including 1 doctoral and 1 engineering position; development of fertiliser products (fertilisers and/or soil-enriching products) to be produced using organic residual deposits on the Island; the establishment of a partnership with rural and urban organisations alike affected by the recycling of residual products

    Scientific feedback :

    1 scientific publication; training of young researchers; data on the characteristics of organic residue and its potential development

    Other feedback :

    Contribution to the more sustainable and harmonious development of organic production activities in general (agriculture, animal rearing, human livelihoods). Foreseen reduction in the import of chemical fertilisers and the increase of certain crop yields


    Segment : Horticulture and other crop production

    Development and commercialisation of a growing medium using a mixture of turf, bark and Cryptomerias wood shavings from Reunion

    Coordinator : COPOBOIS
    Partners :


    Accredition date : 03/07/2014
    Calendar : 2014 - 2015
    Budget : € 200,000
    Funders : Request under consideration

    Economic feedback :

    Development of new market for COPOBOIS. Development and horticultural production through access to less expensive material input. Job creation

    Scientific feedback :

    Improvement in substrate knowledge of local crops. Opening up to market gardening use

    Other feedback :

    Development optimisation of forest material production. Positive environmental impact through the replacement of a fossil resource with a renewable resource and limitation of imports

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44 projects, of which 34 granted public financing:
Agrotrace, Aquaoffshore, Atem, Biopaintrop, Biophyto, Biopiper, Cœur de  cristal, Copoflor, Coupcan, Crabmangrove, Croptal, Delicas, DiabeTIC, Enervidil, Fab, Fresh, Galatée, Gallup, Germendemik, Girovar, Incivol, Laminaria, Lipivol, Nutriage,  Nutrivol, 0pesticides, Optirice, Optivanille, Orcasav, Orchifah, Patzerbaz, PBI Vivea, Pentoval, Piranha, Pomare, Remix, Rose Bourbon, Run Innovation, SegaoI, Sphynx, Vabiome, Valprado 1, V2Arun, Victoria.


Categorisation of projects by type of research Projects in progress Completed projects
Production of new knowledge without direct application 5 1
Production of knowledge with direct application to the development of new products and processes 8 13
New products or processes to be put on the market 12 5
Total  25 19



Financing recap on 31/12/2013  
FUI €3,027,651
ANR €2,321,760
OSEO €727,000
EUROPE €1,115,913
PARTNER INPUT 16,565,970
Total  €28,047,311